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Letter from Nigeria

Africapitalism and partnerships for the SDGs: what we can learn from the Unilever-GBF partnership in Nigeria

Nigeria and South Africa: Shaping prospects for the African Continental Free Trade Area

In March 2018, African leaders signed an agreement establishing the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA). This was an important step towards the longstanding goal of African economic integration, but […]

Chevron’s corporate social enterprise in Nigeria

Lessons from promoting market access for Beninese value chain actors to Nigerian markets

The growing Nigerian market offers opportunities for Beninese value chain actors but they are faced with many challenges when they export to Nigeria. The ‘Approche Communale pour le Marché Agricole […]

The Niger Basin Authority: Reconciling upstream and downstream interests on the Niger River

What blocks or drives regional integration in Africa? And what role do regional organisations play in this? To answer these questions, we have dug deeper into the political economy dynamics […]

Blueprints for sustainable industrialisation in West Africa: Lessons from resource-rich Nigeria

When money finishes, people remain: The challenges of youth unemployment in Nigeria

The challenge of economic reintegration of ex-militants in Nigeria’s Niger Delta

4 Messages on Governance and Water in Mali and Niger

From Development Practice to Policy-Making

Debt Relief and MDGs in Nigeria

Progress Achieved by the Office of the Senior Special Assistant to the President on MDGs