We are able to deliver on our strategy thanks to funding from governments, particularly the Netherlands, and contributions from international institutions and organisations. Our unique funding situation allows us to maintain operational autonomy and set our own, non-partisan agenda.


ECDPM's core funder is the government of the Netherlands. Our other institutional partners include the governments of Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Luxembourg and Sweden.

We also receive programme and project funding from a diverse group of organisations and institutions. For example, we have carried out several projects funded by the European Commission, most of them strategic and thematic evaluations.

Types of funding

ECDPM receives three types of funding:

  • Institutional funding, which is non-earmarked, flexible funding
  • Medium-term funding, which is earmarked funding destined for specific ECDPM workstreams
  • Short-term funding, which is funding destined for specific projects or products
Photo by Belgian foreign ministry

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Funding transparency

We strive for the highest standards of accountability and transparency. Twice a year an external auditor reviews our finances, financial procedures and internal control mechanisms. 

Since 2014, Transparify has evaluated the financial transparency of think tanks around the world. ECDPM has been consistently awarded its maximum five-star rating.

Funding overviews

For a detailed breakdown of our funding, take a look at our annual funding overviews and annual reports.