Strategic evaluation of the EU cooperation with the Federal Republic of Somalia (2014-2021)

After nearly EUR 1.6 billion of EU cooperation funding was spent in Somalia from 2014 to 2021, there is a need to know what has been realised and what lessons can be drawn for future EU engagement in the country. 

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    About the evaluation

    ECDPM and Particip were commissioned by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for International Partnerships to evaluate the EU’s international development cooperation with Somalia, how it connects with the support of all EU services active in Somalia and assess its linkages with EU member states and various international actors during this period.

    The evaluation focused on the European Union’s cooperation with Somalia from 2014 to 2021, including Somaliland, with the aim of providing an overall independent assessment of the EU’s past and current cooperation and identifying key lessons to inform future strategies, programs, and actions.

    It covers the EU’s international development cooperation with Somalia and assesses its linkages with EU member states and various international actors, while also examining the EU’s alignment with the development priorities of the government of Somalia.

    The evaluation is timely in view of the unfolding international and national challenges and a new Government in place that is committed to reforms and that can make use of the recommendations.

    Timeline of key events and milestones of EU support to Somalia


    Presentation of the evaluation


    On 5 June 2023, ECDPM and Particip presented the findings, conclusions and recommendations of the strategic evaluation in an InfoPoint conference. The recording of the event can be found on DG International Partnership's website.

    Evaluation contributors



    • Volker Hauck 
    • Andrew Sherriff 
    • Maëlle Salzinger
    • Lidet Tadesse
    • Sara Gianesello
    • Joyce Olders
    • Virginia Mucchi
    • Catarina Farinha



    • Tino Smail 
    • Karen Ortiz Palomá


    • Ana Carina Franco
    • Fatima Laanouni
    • Ann Bartholomew
    • Abdihakim Ainte
    • Robin van Hontem

    Evaluation brochure


    Find the findings, recommendations and conclusions of the evaluation in our brochure below. 

    Final report

    Evaluation of the EU cooperation with the Federal Republic of Somalia (2014-2021)
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