Africa-Europe relations: A balanced narrative and reality check project (2023)

Together with three other think tanks, ACET, ISS and the Policy Center for the New South, we are joining forces in an effort to enrich the policy dialogue between the AU and EU and better connect Brussels and Addis-based policymakers with practical insights and substantial input. The overall aim is to have a joint reality check towards a more balanced narrative on Africa-Europe relations.

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    About the project

    This project, supported by the Delegation of the European Union to the African Union, wants:

    • To broaden the policy research community feeding into the AU-EU partnership, bringing in views beyond Brussels- and Addis-centric conversations as a ‘reality check’ to the policy discourse by integrating national-level expertise
    • To feed into the discussions around the EU-AU partnership in the selected policy areas, with a specific focus on: climate action and green transition, digitalisationeconomic transformation and integration (through the AfCFTA), peace and security
    • To help ensure that future policies are based on a clear understanding of past successes and failures and to highlight the need for follow-up measures announced after each summit.

    About the partners


    The project is supported by the European Delegation to the African Union and runs until the end of 2023.  It involves four think tanks from Europe and Africa.

    More information

    For questions related to ECDPM's involvement in the project, please contact Kathleen Van Hove. For communications and media enquiries, please get in touch with Isabell Wutz.

    ECDPM work for the project


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