Good governance is essential for the functioning and well-being of any organisation. We have two governance bodies: the management team and the board of governors.

The management team oversees ECDPM's day-to-day management, while the board of governors oversees governance, including appointment of the director, deputy director and head of finance and operations, as well as approval of the strategy, work plan, and annual budget and accounts.


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Management team

Board of governors

Honorary advisor to ECDPM's board of governors on European external affairs: Dieter Frisch.

Codes of governance and conduct

ECDPM's code of governance sets out our governance policy and provides guidelines for effective cooperation, supervision and accountability. It explains the roles of our management team and board of governors in more detail, and zooms in on the role of our works council – which represents staff on a variety of matters, especially issues regarding personnel policy and employment conditions. In addition, we have a code of conduct that ensures that all staff, and other relevant parties, act with respect towards one another.