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  • PaperGreen transition in Africa: Implications for Sweden and the EU
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  • PaperInconsistent policies or political realities? Nigeria’s trade and industrial policy imperatives
  • CommentarySustainable fashion cannot stop at the EU border

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Latest Commentary from Anna Knoll

What the EU’s asylum response to the war in Ukraine means for Africa-Europe relations

Anna Knoll | 28 March 2022

The immediate response from the EU and its member states to the large number of Ukrainian refugees has reopened old wounds in the relationship between Europe and Africa. This will certainly affect migration cooperation between the two continents – but the asylum innovations and flexibilities that are now introduced can also provide a basis for taking AU-EU cooperation forward.

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Latest Commentary from Pamella Ahairwe

Supporting financial inclusion of migrants: Actors, approaches and avenues to overcome challenges

Pamella Ahairwe | 28 March 2022

Remittances have proved to be an additional source of financing for development during crises, but some migrants are financially excluded in host countries, which limits their options to send earnings back home. Pamella Eunice Ahairwe and Amanda Bisong have mapped public development actors’ interventions to promote the financial inclusion of migrants and boost remittances.

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Latest Commentary from Alfonso Medinilla

What the EU’s plans to phase out Russian gas mean for Europe and Africa

Alfonso Medinilla | 14 March 2022

Last week, the European Commission announced plans to make Europe independent from Russian oil, coal and gas well before 2030. Alfonso Medinilla takes a closer look at the REPowerEU proposal and argues that while phasing out Russian gas, the EU should also stick to its plans for renewable energy and infrastructure abroad – particularly in Africa.

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Africa-Europe relations

On 17 and 18 February, the sixth EU-AU Summit will take place in Brussels. In this dossier, you will find an overview of our recent work on the partnership between Africa and Europe and our analysis ahead of, during and after the summit.

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Gender and international cooperation

How can tax systems promote gender equality? What is the link between empowering girls and women and tackling climate change? Are policymakers taking gender into account when trying to prevent radicalisation and violent extremism? Find out more.

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Youth and international cooperation

In this dossier, we zoom in on the challenges facing young people in Africa and Europe and the change they can drive.

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Climate change and international cooperation

In this dossier, we share our work on climate change and Europe-Africa cooperation. We look at climate from various angles, including the UNFCCC negotiations, cooperation on agriculture and sustainable food systems, gender, migration and finance.

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