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  • PaperGoverning a new broad instrument for EU external action: The ins and outs of the institutional power struggle
  • PaperHow to spend €89.2 billion on international cooperation
  • PaperAfrican river basin organisations: From best practice to best fit
  • BlogAn inspiration for Europe and middle-income countries fighting climate change

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Latest magazine issue from Tasnim Abderrahim

North Africa, hope in troubled times

Tasnim Abderrahim | 7 November 2018

In the fall edition of our Great Insights magazine, we explore what is left of the popular uprisings that shook North Africa eight years ago. Experts from North Africa and Europe share their reflections on a host of burning issues.

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Latest paper from Andrew Sherriff

What just happened? On Africa, EU aid, trade and Brexit – Seven key questions answered

Andrew Sherriff | 19 November 2018

The UK Cabinet backed May’s proposal for the withdrawal of the country from the European Union. Many are the questions that still remain unanswered. Andrew Sherriff and Emmanuel De Groof clarify seven points on what could be expected in relation to Africa, EU aid and trade.

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Latest paper from Noemi Cascone

Promoting gender in the EU external response to migration: The case of the Trust Fund for Africa

Noemi Cascone | 22 October 2018

Noemi Cascone and Anna Knoll looked at the EU Trust Fund for Africa and analysed if and how gender is being integrated into the workings of the trust fund.

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The Multiannual Financial Framework

In this dossier you can find our latest publications on the upcoming Multiannual Financial Framework - the EU budget - ahead of the 2018 negotiations.

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Brexit and international cooperation

What does Brexit imply for the future of EU-UK relations? How will it impact development, trade and international cooperation between Europe and Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific? In this dossier, you can find our latest Brexit analyses and blogs.

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The political economy dynamics of regional organisations in Africa

What blocks or drives regional integration in Africa? And what role do regional organisations play in this?
Find out more.

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The future of ACP-EU relations

Discussions about the future of the ACP-EU relationship are currently in full swing. To learn more, have a look at our dossier collecting all ECDPM work on ACP-EU relations.

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