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  • CommentaryThe new German government: A breath of fresh air or more of the same?
  • PaperGetting partnerships right: The case for an AU strategy
  • PaperThe EU’s gender action plan and the realities of Mozambique
  • CommentaryCOP26 through an Africa-Europe lens

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Latest Paper from Philomena Apiko

Connecting African markets and people: Streamlining regional trade and free movement protocols

Philomena Apiko | 15 November 2021

Connecting people and markets within and between African countries and regions is a longstanding aspiration and a core part of the AfCFTA. Philomena Apiko, Amanda Bisong and Bruce Byiers look at how the free trade area and the AU’s free movement protocol alter state relations on trade and movement of people, and how AfCFTA implementation will interact with existing regional agendas and initiatives.

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Latest Commentary from Maelle Salzinger

Climate responses in the Central Sahel: Three lessons beyond COP26

Maelle Salzinger | 1 November 2021

In the Central Sahel, climate commitments are hampered by a lack of coordination and finance, while insecurity puts further pressure on the region. Maelle Salzinger shares her thoughts on the ongoing COP26 and asks if the summit can help address some of these blockages.

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Latest Paper from Pamella Ahairwe

The EU list of tax havens: Progress and challenges

Pamella Ahairwe | 1 November 2021

With Luckystar Miyandazi, Pamella Ahairwe and San Bilal take a look at the EU’s list of tax havens, which exposes non-EU countries that encourage abusive tax practices and whose tax systems affect the EU tax base. They argue that the EU should address the list’s unintended economic consequences, enhance cooperation with developing countries and apply its standards to EU and non-EU countries alike.

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Youth and international cooperation

In this dossier we zoom in on the challenges facing young people in Africa and Europe and the change they can drive.

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COVID-19 and international cooperation

How will COVID-19 affect trade and investment, migration, peace and security, regional integration, climate change, food security and the private sector? And how will it affect Africa-Europe relations, development and international cooperation more broadly?

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Gender and international cooperation

How can tax systems promote gender equality? What is the link between empowering girls and women and tackling climate change? Are policymakers taking gender into account when trying to prevent radicalisation and violent extremism? Find out more in our dossier.

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Climate change and international cooperation

In this dossier we share our work on climate change and Europe-Africa cooperation. We look at climate from various angles, including the UNFCCC negotiations, cooperation on agriculture and sustainable food systems, gender, migration and finance.

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