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  • Dossier 'Financing for development'FFD3 – A steady start to a rocky road ahead?
  • VideoFood security - Starting from girls, they are the source to trigger a change!
  • Talking Points BlogFrom one grain to another: The rise of rice in West Africa
  • PodcastThe risk of not taking risks in development cooperation - Interview with Alexander De Croo
  • DocumentContribution to EU consultation 'Towards a new European Neighbourhood Policy'
  • Briefing NoteEuropean aid and development policies in a changing world
  • Talking Points BlogThe ACP and WTO: Ambitions in trade and development
  • Talking Points Blog2015 EDDs: A paradigm shift or bursting the Brussels ‘bubble’?
  • Talking Points BlogOECD’s ‘States of Fragility’ report: Some discomfort around the indicators
  • Talking Points BlogIs education a hidden shortcut from crisis to stability?
  • Talking Points BlogTaking fragility seriously in financing the SDGs
  • Talking Points BlogDoes resilience enrich peacebuilding?
  • GREAT Insights Magazine (June/July 2015)Territorial development
  • Talking Points BlogTemptations of protectionism, too hard to resist: The cost for poor countries
  • Discussion PaperA five lenses framework for analysing the political economy in regional integration
  • Talking Points BlogThe role of Aid for Trade in trade agreements - Looking beyond reducing costs
  • Discussion PaperThe challenge of measuring SDG 16: What role for African regional frameworks?
  • VideosExclusive interviews: Agenda 2063 and African perspectives on post-2015 development
  • Talking Points BlogFinancing for Development: The state of the debate in Africa
  • GREAT Insights Magazine (April/May 2015)Rising voices in Africa
  • Discussion PaperAfrica and Europe combatting climate change: Towards a common agenda in 2015
  • VideoFood security - Starting from girls, they are the source to trigger a change!
  • Talking Points BlogFrom one grain to another: The rise of rice in West Africa
  • Talking Points BlogThe future of African farming? Regionally integrated, climate-smart, public-private and properly-financed


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Latest article from Alisa Herrero Cangas

Poverty and violence: Europe post-2015

Alisa Herrero Cangas | 22 July 2015

In this article for EurActiv, Sebastian Grosse-Puppendahl, Alisa Herrero Cangas and Anna Knoll argue that the EU will fail to meet the UN's Sustainable Development Goals unless it takes concrete action soon.

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Latest Article from James Mackie

Post-2015: A paradigm shift?

James Mackie | 13 July 2015

The EU has declared its support to the sustainable development goals, but it is questionable whether Europeans really recognise some of the key changes that underpin this agenda and the paradigm shift they constitute, says James Mackie in this article for Europe’s World.

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Latest blog from Paul Engel

Improving the business climate in developing countries: a realistic goal or another holy grail?

Paul Engel | 14 July 2015

In their latest blog, Paul Engel and Bruce Byiers argue that the Netherland’s policy in support of private sector development in developing countries puts the private sector where it ought to be - at the centre.

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Dossier: Financing for development

Last updated 17 July 2015

What are the different types, sources and volumes of finance that can help to address development challenges across countries and regions? And what are the implications of these different financing tools for policy makers? Find out in our dossier.

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Dossier: Our work on the Sahel

Last updated 13 March 2015

ECDPM studies regional dynamics and the role of Europe in the Sahel region. To stay up-to-date with our work, read our latest publications and blogs in our Sahel dossier.

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Dossier: PERIA – Political economy analyses of the African Union and regional economic communities in Africa

Last updated 8 April 2015

From July 2014 until December 2015, ECDPM and theIDLgroup will partner to produce a study on the drivers and obstacles to regional cooperation and integration in Africa. Find out more about this study in our dossier.

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Dossier: Rethinking the ACP-EU partnership – political economy analysis

Last updated 3 April 2015

ECDPM has launched a new initiative to contribute to a well-informed debate on the future of ACP-EU partnership through a political economy approach. Find out more about this initiative in our dossier.

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