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  • BlogThe 12th CAADP Partnership Platform: Forgetting the farmers, again
  • EventFridays of the Commission: Drivers and constraints to regional integration in Africa
  • EventMulti-stakeholder partnerships: Implications for stakeholders
  • EventJoin ECDPM at the 2016 European Development Days
  • ReportThe future of ACP-EU relations: A political economy analysis
  • DossierThe political economy of regional integration in Africa
  • BlogFour ideas to give Africa its place in the EU Global Strategy
  • GREAT Insights magazinePartnerships with business for development


The ECDPM Talking Points blog aims to deepen the dialogue on policy issues, and get to the heart of the matter in an honest and concise way.

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GREAT insights is ECDPM’s monthly magazine with a focus on issues related to Governance, Regional integration, Economics, Agriculture and Trade.

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The Weekly Compass, ECDPM’s newsletter, is a rich source of information for policy makers, analysts, activists and the private sector.

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The Filter gives you the most relevant international cooperation news – over 500 sources are scanned daily to help busy policy makers stay up to date.

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Latest discussion paper from Isabelle Ramdoo

Secteur extractif à Madagascar : quel appui à la société civile ?

Isabelle Ramdoo | 22 April 2016

ECDPM’s Isabelle Ramdoo and independent expert Aimée Randrianarisoa analyse the difficulties faced by civil society in Madagascar when engaging and leading collective action to negotiate and facilitate dialogue with the mining industry. This paper is available in French only.

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Latest blog from Damien Helly

Intercultural integration and communication: An agenda for Europe

Damien Helly | 21 April 2016

As the EU is about to adopt a strategy on culture in external relations and a Global Strategy on foreign and security policy, ECDPM’s Damien Helly argues that both documents would be stronger with the explicit mention of intercultural communication as key vehicle to (re)build trust with the world.

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Latest blog from Alfonso Medinilla

The Arab Spring, an ‘unfinished revolution’ in Tunisia’s regions

Alfonso Medinilla | 1 April 2016

Imagine a country divided into 24 regions, each with very different capabilities and prospects to succeed. How would you treat them in a fair and equitable way? In their latest blog, Alfonso Medinilla and Sahra El Fassi take a closer look at Tunisia.

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Dossier: The changing relations between Europe and North Africa

Last updated 4 April 2016

The wave of revolutionary Arab Spring events had and still have a big effect on the relations between Europe and North Africa. To learn more, have a look at our dossier on the two regions.

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Dossier: The political economy of regional integration in Africa

Last updated 15 April 2016

What are the drivers and constraints to regional integration in Africa? And what role do regional organisations play? Find out more in our dossier.

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Dossier: The future of ACP-EU relations post-2020

Last updated 19 April 2016

Discussions about the future of the ACP-EU relationship are currently in full swing. To learn more, have a look at our dossier collecting all ECDPM work on ACP-EU relations.

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Dossier: Value chains and industrialisation

Last updated 11 February 2016

Upgrading global and regional value chains, and moving away from conventional export of raw commodities, can lead to development. This dossier puts all of ECDPM’s work on value chains and industrialisation into one place.

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