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Selected highlights

  • Memo to the New EU LeadershipOur Collective Interest: Why Europe’s Problems Need Global Solutions and Global Problems Need European Action
  • Talking Points BlogA Safer Entrance than Lampedusa?
  • Talking Points BlogThe Top Jobs in Commissioners’ Private Offices – Planning Fantasy Football With Your Team
  • Talking Points BlogWhy a New Dutch Food and Nutrition Security Policy Should Invest More in Improving Governance
  • Discussion PaperHow Can the EU and Member States Foster Development through Diaspora Organisations?
  • RapportPetit répertoire des expertises sur le Sahel : Diplomatie, sécurité et développement
  • EvaluationAssessing the Uptake of Strategic Evaluations in EU Development Cooperation
  • Discussion PaperBringing Policy Coherence for Development into the Post-2015 Agenda
  • Talking Points BlogNew Deal for Fragile States Needs Time and Political Commitment to Flourish
  • Video (Livestream) Seth Kaplan - Poverty in Fragile States: Getting Elites on Board
  • Briefing NoteAnalysis of the EU's State Building Contracts
  • Talking Points BlogAddressing Peace, Security and State Fragility – How Can the EU Do Better?
  • GREAT insights Magazine (July - August 2014)Extractive Sector: African Perspectives
  • ReportAdvancing Regional Integration in Southern Africa
  • Briefing NoteEnsuring Public Debt Sustainability in Africa: Prospects and Policies
  • NewsSADC Concludes EPA Negotiations
  • Briefing NoteImplementing African Development Initiatives: Securing Alternative Financing for the Agenda 2063
  • ECDPM Informal High-Level Seminar ReportBeyond the 2014 Summit: Which Way Forward for EU-Africa Relations?
  • ReportThe Global Game Has Changed: What Role for Europe-Africa Relations?
  • Bulletin of Fridays of the Commission (AUC)Making EU-Africa Relations Future-Proof
  • VideoInterview with Marcel Vernooij (Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  • Discussion PaperRegional Food Security and Water in SADC
  • MultimediaUpdates on the CAADP Process in RECs - In 3 Minutes or Less
  • Talking Points BlogHow Can the Netherlands Most Effectively Contribute to Achieving Sustainable Food Systems?


The ECDPM Talking Points blog aims to deepen the dialogue on policy issues, and get to the heart of the matter in an honest and concise way.

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GREAT insights is ECDPM’s monthly magazine with a focus on issues related to Governance, Regional integration, Economics, Agriculture and Trade.

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The Weekly Compass, ECDPM’s weekly newsletter, is a rich source of information for policy makers, analysts, activists and the private sector.

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The Filter

The Filter gives you the most relevant international cooperation news – over 500 sources are scanned daily to help busy policy-makers stay up to date.

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Our people

Latest video from Francesco Rampa

Video: CAADP and African Year of Agriculture and Food Security

Francesco Rampa | 17 September 2014

Francesco Rampa interviews prof. Mandi Rukuni, member of the strategic review panel of CAADP.

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Latest publication from Isabelle Ramdoo

ECOWAS and SADC Economic Partnership Agreement: A Comparative Analysis

Isabelle Ramdoo | 12 September 2014

This paper by Isabelle Ramdoo describes how both EPAs contain flexibility for countries to apply export taxes in exceptional circumstances in case of specific revenue needs. Both the EU and the regions that have concluded EPAs will now have to mainstream the agreements in their own economic dynamics.

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Latest blog from Frauke de Weijer

Breaking Heads over Questions of Change

Frauke de Weijer | 27 August 2014

In this blog published by the Broker, Frauke de Weijer discusses Seth Kaplan's article on building inclusive societies in fragile states.

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Dossier: European Think Tanks Group (ETTG) Report 2014

Last updated 12 September 2014

In September 2014, the European Think Tanks Group (ETTG) published a memo to the new EU leadership. The report identifies five opportunities where the EU could make a difference in addressing global problems ..

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Dossier: Our work on the Sahel

Last updated 12 September 2014

ECDPM studies regional dynamics and the role of Europe in the Sahel region. We focus on existing regional strategies for the Sahel written by African and international organisations ..

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Dossier: European Report on Development (ERD)

Last updated 23 May 2014

The European Report on Development (ERD) 2014 aims to address ‘Financing and other means of implementation in the post-2015 context’ in order to bring the post-2015 finance and goal setting processes together ..

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Dossier: Africa-Europe relations

Last updated 20 June 2014

The aim of ECDPM is to facilitate efforts to revitalise and deepen relations between Europe and Africa in close cooperation between policy makers, policy analysts, experts and a diversity of non-state actor ..

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