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  • Blog#VallettaSummit - The EU's new Trust Fund for Africa: Looking a gift-horse in the mouth?
  • BlogThe development politics of the Sahel
  • DossierValue chains and industrialisation
  • Briefing noteEU Trust Funds - Shaping more comprehensive external action?
  • Blog#VallettaSummit - The EU's new Trust Fund for Africa: Looking a gift-horse in the mouth?
  • ArticleEU Delegations in Africa - Investing in Africa-Europe relations
  • BlogThe EU’s response to migration and its focus on root causes
  • Briefing noteEU Trust Funds - Shaping more comprehensive external action?
  • BlogWhy do we need a revised model for assessing fragility and what would it need to look like?
  • Article3 positive trends that are bridging the humanitarian-development divide
  • Video interviewJoseph Whittal on human rights, governance, and peace and security
  • Briefing noteEU Trust Funds - Shaping more comprehensive external action?
  • Think pieceSynergising and optimising mineral infrastructure in regional development strategies
  • BlogThe new EU trade and investment strategy: The proof of the pudding is in the eating
  • DossierValue chains and industrialisation
  • BlogCSO-business partnerships - bringing mozzarella to the masses?
  • Discussion paperCan the regional economic communities support the implementation of the African Governance Architecture?
  • VideosExclusive interviews: Agenda 2063 and African perspectives on post-2015 development
  • BlogWords into deeds on governance for peace and prosperity
  • Briefing noteThe future of financing for development in Africa - Insights from the annual meetings of the African Development Bank
  • BlogNutritious regional value chains: The final step is what matters
  • Briefing noteMaking agriculture in Africa climate-smart
  • BlogFrom one grain to another: The rise of rice in West Africa
  • VideoHow the EU hopes to trigger private investment in smallholder farmers


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Latest blog from Karim Karaki

CSO-business partnerships – bringing mozzarella to the masses?

Karim Karaki | 20 November 2015

'Do commercial approaches such as the African Milk Project sustainably address poverty when the poorest households are often the most isolated from markets?', ask Karim Karaki and Bruce Byiers in their latest blog.

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Latest discussion paper from Anna Knoll

Making migration beneficial to Europe and Africa

Anna Knoll | 13 November 2015

Despite having started several processes to jointly deal with migration more consistently since 2007, there are still great differences between Europe and Africa in the understanding of the issue, priorities and how to best address challenges and opportunities. This was the conclusion from a joint seminar by Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Southern African Liaison Office and ECDPM.

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Latest report from Fabien Tondel

Assessing policy coherence for development

Fabien Tondel | 18 November 2015

This new report by ECDPM and the Tanzanian Economic and Social Research Foundation presents a pilot study on the impact of OECD countries' policies on food security in Tanzania.

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Dossier: Culture and international cooperation

Last updated 6 November 2015

Placing culture at the heart of international cooperation is essential to make development a sustainable process. To stay informed about ECDPM's work in this area, have a look at the latest resources in our culture dossier.

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Dossier: Rethinking the ACP-EU partnership – political economy analysis

Last updated 26 November 2015

ECDPM has launched a new initiative to contribute to a well-informed debate on the future of ACP-EU partnership through a political economy approach. Find out more about this initiative in our dossier.

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Dossier: Our work on the Sahel

Last updated 17 November 2015

ECDPM studies regional dynamics and the role of Europe in the Sahel region. To stay up-to-date with our work, read our latest publications and blogs in our Sahel dossier.

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Dossier: PERIA – Political economy analyses of the African Union and regional economic communities in Africa

Last updated 8 April 2015

From July 2014 until December 2015, ECDPM and theIDLgroup will partner to produce a study on the drivers and obstacles to regional cooperation and integration in Africa. Find out more about this study in our dossier.

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