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  • PaperCan the 0.2% levy fund peace in Africa? A stronger AU-UN partnership in accordance with WTO rules
  • PaperWhat is the European External Investment Plan really about?
  • PaperArtisanal gold mining in DRC: Time to get down to earth?
  • PaperFraming future EU engagement with more advanced developing countries

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Latest paper from Jeske van Seters

Multi-stakeholder initiatives on garments and textiles in Germany and the Netherlands

Jeske van Seters | 19 March 2018

By analysing multi-stakeholder initiatives on garments and textiles in Germany and the Netherlands, Jeske van Seters highlights the challenges and opportunities to support the transition towards more sustainable and responsible production and supply chains.

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Latest blog from Faten Aggad-Clerx

Do we expect too much from election observation missions?

Faten Aggad-Clerx | 26 February 2018

Could election observation missions have done more to prevent Kenya’s electoral crisis? ECDPM's Faten Aggad and Martin Ronceray outline four reasons why deploying election observation missions might still be wise.

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Latest blog from Emmanuel De Groof

The UK proposes a ‘win-win opt-in’ on international cooperation

Emmanuel De Groof | 5 March 2018

Emmanuel De Groof analyses a recent non-paper outlining the UK's perspective on EU-UK cooperation in the field of development after Brexit.

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Brexit and international cooperation

What does Brexit imply for the future of EU-UK relations? How will it impact development, trade and international cooperation between Europe and Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific? In this dossier, you can find our latest Brexit analyses and blogs.

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The Multiannual Financial Framework

In this dossier you can find our latest publications on the upcoming Multiannual Financial Framework - the EU budget - ahead of the 2018 negotiations.

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The political economy dynamics of regional organisations in Africa

What blocks or drives regional integration in Africa? And what role do regional organisations play in this?
Find out more.

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The future of ACP-EU relations

Discussions about the future of the ACP-EU relationship are currently in full swing. To learn more, have a look at our dossier collecting all ECDPM work on ACP-EU relations.

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