ECDPM Talks on: COP27



Our new ECDPM podcast series explores the state of play of COP27's key areas, such as food, water, peace and security or energy. We will speak to thinkers from these fields to understand the main challenges and opportunities COP27 must deal with.

Throughout 2022, heatwaves, floods, droughts, and wildfires all over the world have shown that the climate crisis affects us all and its effects are being felt much faster than anticipated, although not equally.

The most vulnerable populations to the climate crisis are also the ones least responsible for it and there are growing calls for wealthier countries, responsible for the majority of carbon emissions, to increase their contribution to adaptation efforts both at home and abroad. It’s in the context of geopolitical uncertainty but with a greater push for climate action that COP27 takes place.

That is why we are bringing you this series. In these conversations led by ECDPM experts, our guests share their thoughts on some of COP27’s key discussion areas - such as food, peace and security, energy, water or crucially, the financing of all these efforts.

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