Outreach and impact

Our outreach and impact department aims to strengthen the quality, policy relevance, practical usefulness and impact of ECDPM’s work. It consists of two teams: a communications team, and a learning and quality team.

Communications team

Communication is crucial for ECDPM to perform its role as a strategic broker for informed policy dialogue. Our mission is to stimulate dialogue with our partners and get ECDPM’s work and ideas to the right people, in the right way, at the right time. 

Our team is a multidisciplinary one. We bring together expertise in social media, press relations, online communications, website development, writing and editing, multimedia and print publications, graphic design, and content curation.

Virginia Mucchi, head of outreach and impact, moderates a debate

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Learning and quality team

Our learning and quality team aims to make learning and quality part of all our activities. That enables us to be more effective and maximises our added value. Ultimately, the team wants to increase the impact of all ECDPM work.
We lead the Centre’s operational planning and undertake progress reviews for the different policy processes we engage in. We strengthen the Centre’s monitoring and reporting approaches and systems, and give advice and support to raise the quality of our work and learning. Learning and review take place around theories of change. We also help ECDPM departments and partners refine their policy research approaches and methodologies. Examples are the use of political economy analysis and policy coherence assessments.