Hanne Knaepen

Head – climate action and green transition


Hanne Knaepen is the head of ECDPM's climate action and green transition team. She focuses on climate adaptation, resilience and a just transition.

Hanne specialises in climate adaptation and resilience-building within the context of Africa-Europe relations, with a strong focus on food systems and climate finance. She also looks at transboundary climate impacts in Africa and Europe, and questions around a green and fair transition for African countries. 

Hanne holds a PhD in global environmental studies from Kyoto University, and master’s degrees in Japanese studies from the University of Leuven and in European studies from the Free University of Brussels. 

Hanne is a visiting lecturer at Nyansapo College of International Relations and Diplomacy in Accra (University of Cape Coast) since 2016, where she teaches courses on climate risks and international development.


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