Political Economy of Regional Integration –  Volume 2, Issue 7 (October 2013)

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    By San Bilal
    Regional integration is high on the political agenda of many leaders, in particular in Africa. In many respects, achievements have been quite remarkable, notably in terms of political, economic, security and institutional cooperation and/or ...

    Interview with João Samuel Caholo, Former SADC Deputy Executive Secretary
    By ECDPM
    The common history of political liberalization processes and the fact that most of the Southern African countries have a population composed of Bantu, are factors that contribute ...

    Angola: The Reluctant SADC Trader
    By Louise Redvers
    The Southern African Development Community (SADC) Protocol on Trade (PoT) was signed in 1996 with the aim of increasing trade between member states through the ...

    The Political Economy of Regional Integration
    By Graham Smith
    Current discourse in regional integration in the tripartite region, comprising 26 countries who are members of either/or SADC, COMESA and the EAC focuses on four inter-related ...

    African Infrastructure Rising
    By Michele Ruiters
    African infrastructure projects require project preparation to make them bankable. Currently, Africa can define the rules of engagement and take advantage of the infrastructure boom for its own economic prosperity ...

    Towards Successful Deeper Regional Integration? The Role of the AfDB
    By Christian Kingombe
    How can the AfDB assist the process towards deeper regional integration in Africa? This article briefly addresses the concept, dynamics and major drivers of regional integration before ...

    More Realism in Africa's Regional Integration
    By Jan Vanheukelom
    “Why do I sit in the dark for four days? Regional Integration is the cause of our darkness.” This pointed and enlightening remark was heard at a Pretoria workshop on regional ...

    Private Sector Steering African Regional Integration
    By Lesley Wentworth and Cynthia Chikura
    Regional integration in Africa, as in most other regions, is founded on the Aristotelian principle that collective economic, political and security development across the continent is ...

    Dominican Republic - CARICOM: Unfinished Business
    By Ivan Ogando Lora
    During the last CARICOM Heads of Government meeting held in Trinidad & Tobago last July, President Danilo Medina of the Dominican Republic reiterated the request of his country to ...

    Dynamics of Regional Action in Peace and Security in Africa: Four Drivers
    By Andrew Sherriff
    What are the drivers behind regional action in the realm of peace and security in Africa? The political economy of violent ...


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