Pooling of Technical Assistance in the Context of Sector-Wide Approaches (SWAps): Ethiopian Case Study

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    Pooling refers to initiatives that bring together donor funds to support the policy objectives of a developing country. Technical assistance (TA) is defined here as the transfer, adaptation, mobilisation and utilisation of services, skills, knowledge and technology. It includes expatriate and national, short- and long-term personnel, training support, equipment, consultancies, study visits, seminars and various forms of linkages. TA pooling is seen as the integration of TA into a single management and financing framework under the recipient country’s ownership.

    It is hoped that this review of the Ethiopian experience will contribute to the wider process of learning and thinking about the requirements of pooling initiatives, such as sector-wide approaches (SWAps) and budget support programmes, among donors and recipient governments. The paper also explores the range of reforms introduced by the government since 1991, including the multi-year sector development programmes in roads, education, health and agriculture. Among these, the social sectors – education and health – represent the most complete and advanced SWAPs, using a broad range of TA 

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