Building a Sustainable Partnership for the Future? The EU-Africa Relations in the Run-Up to the 2014 Summit


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    The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) and the European Centre of Development and Policy Management (ECDPM) held a conference on 17-18 September 2013 on future perspectives of EU- Africa relations in the run-up to the 2014 Summit that will be held in Brussels on 1-2 April 2014.

    The conference brought together some 40 senior officials from the African, ACP and EU institutions and member states, as well as participants from think tanks and civil society organisations from both continents.

    The overall aim of the conference was to address key areas of common concern and interest in the Africa-EU partnership that could contribute to the agenda setting of the 2014 EU-Africa- Summit. Specific objectives of the conference include:

    1. To make an assessment of the rapid changes in the global landscape and the implications for the EU-Africa partnership;
    2. To facilitate a political dialogue between equals and to foster a deeper understanding of European and African perspectives on some of the key issues of strategic interest in the partnership;
    3. To contribute to bridging the gap between diverging approaches in key areas of the Africa- EU partnership;
    4. To identify possible priority themes and partnership areas for the 2014 EU-Africa Summit. 

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