Family Farming and Food Security – Volume 3, Issue 1 (December 2013-January 2014)

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    By San Bilal and Francesco Rampa

    Agriculture is a central piece of the agenda for African transformation. Declared the United Nations (UN) Year of Family Farming and the African Union (AU) Year of Food Security ...

    ECDPM Talks to H.E Tumiisime Rhoda Peace, Commissioner for Rural Economy and Agriculture African Union (AU), on What the African Union Year of Food Security Means for Her
    By Tumusiime Rhoda Peace and Francesco Rampa

    Why did the African Union choose 2014 as the Year of Food Security, and what are the outcomes expected from this initiative ...

    ECDPM Talks to José Graziano da Silva, Director-General of FAO, on What the UN Year of Family Farming Means for the FAO
    By José Graziano da Silva and Francesco Rampa

    Why did the United Nations choose 2014 as the Year of Family Farming, and what are the expected outcomes of this initiative ...

    ECDPM Talks to Italy’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Emma Bonino, on Food Security in Africa and ‘Economic Diplomacy’ in her Country
    By Emma Bonino and Francesco Rampa

    What is the meaning of the United Nations (UN) Year of Family Farming for a G8 country like Italy? Are agricultural sustainability and protection of biodiversity still possible in European agriculture ...

    UN Family Farming

    Farming and Food in Africa and the Mounting Battle over Land, Water and Resource Rights
    By Ruth Hall

    Africa is being heralded as the new frontier for commercial farming but, as governments and investors sign deals, a counter-movement of family farmers is promoting alternative pathways to development ...


    United Nations Year of Family Farming: Africans Show the Way with a New Vision for Agriculture
    By Roger Leakey

    Despite successes, rampant hunger, malnutrition and poverty in Africa revolve around land degradation and rural poverty. Solutions require rehabilitating degraded farmland and developing a new source of income for farming households ...

    CAADP at 10 - Water is a Missing Link in the Southern African Development Community

    By Amy Sullivan and Ian Mashingaidze

    Water has a low profile in Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) processes in the Southern African Development Community (SADC), presenting an opportunity to develop stronger ties between the agriculture and water sectors in the region ...

    Smallholder Commercialisation in Africa: A Framework for an Enabling Environment
    By Kato Lambrechts and Sarah Montgomery

    Smallholder farmers require a policy and regulatory environment which directly supports them if they are to freely and fairly participate in markets and contribute to poverty alleviation ... 

    CAADP at the Regional Level - State of Play in the Regional Economic Communities
    By Willem Vervaeke

    African regional economic communities (RECs) are key to increase recognition of the importance and potential added value of regional action on agriculture. All RECs, in general, recognise agricultural development as a priority, but the manner in which regional action ...

    Promoting Family Farming: The European Union
    By Alan Matthews

    Domestic and donor-driven development agendas for African agriculture are spurring smallholder family farming as a catalyst for food security and poverty reduction. Family farms are also the backbone of agriculture in the European Union, although the process of concentration ...

    CAADP in a Nutshell
    By Dolly Afun-Ogidan

    Brief overview of the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme’s rationale, principles and objectives ...


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