Conversation between multiple scales and actors as a premise for successful adaptation

During this conversation, ECDPM’s Hanne Knaepen talks with Daniel Morchain from the NAP Global Network about the main conditions to advance on adaptation, including in the domain of adaptation finance, in the Global South. They look at lessons learned from countries like Bangladesh, the Marshall Islands and Peru. Also, they discuss the importance of a constructive dialogue between various governance scales, ranging from the multilateral UN scale to the local community level. 

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    About Daniel Morchain
    Daniel Morchain is a Policy Advisor with IISD’s Resilience Program, leading work on National Adaptation Planning (NAP) processes in several Latin American countries through the NAP Global Network.  Daniel is the regional lead for Latin America and the Caribbean, thematic lead on vertical integration (multi-level governance), and co-lead on gender equality. Prior to joining IISD, Daniel was a senior adviser in Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience at Oxfam.

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    COP26 and beyond: It's choice, not chance – Volume 10, Issue 2, 2021
    In this climate issue of Great Insights, we gather ideas on how the earth can take a fresh breath and have frank discussions on what blocks progress towards a greener, more sustainable and resilient future.
    27 September 2021

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