09 November 2022 14:3015:15

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COP27 side event: Building bridges between finance and development cooperation for the adaptation of food systems

In the scope of COP27, ECDPM is organising this hybrid workshop with the Dutch  Fund for Climate Development (FMO, CFM, SNV and WWF) on 9 November at 14:30-15:15 CET (15:30-16:15 EET) to identify best practices around blended finance to support the sustainability of food systems.

ECDPM staff involved

This event aims to promote cross-sectoral partnerships with all actors involved in the transformation of food systems and to build bridges between financial and development/technical cooperation to maximize the effectiveness, impact and scale of investment from both private and public sources.

It will facilitate a dialogue among key relevant stakeholders, based on recent research around public-private collaborations and blended finance, focusing on different examples of climate finance and food value chain investment processes. It will feature experiences emerging from Europe,  Africa and international public-private cooperation to increase access to finance for current marginalised actors in the least developed countries (small-scale farmers, women, SMEs, Youth, etc.).


Simon O'Connell, Chair EU-PN | Moderator

Francesco Rampa, ECDPM | Keynote speaker

Pieternel Boogaard, CEO FMO – Dutch Fund for Climate and Development | Panelist

Dr. Debisi Araba, member of the Malabo Montpellier Panel | Panelist

Dr. Martin Fregene, Director of Agriculture & Agro-Industry, African Development Bank | Panelist

Nalishebo Meebelo, Regional Network of Agricultural Policy Research Institutes | Closing remarks