What can we expect from the EU-AU Summit? A conversation with Philomena Apiko

Who will be at the EU-AU Summit on Thursday and Friday? Did African leaders talk about it during their own summit, and is there a common African position? What will be the main tension points? Virginia Mucchi and Philomena Apiko talk about what we can expect from the long-awaited summit.

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    In the week preceding the highly anticipated and long-delayed EU-AU summit in Brussels, our Head of Outreach and Impact, Virginia Mucchi sat down with Philomena Apiko, who leads our work on AU-EU relations, to understand what the summit might mean for the partnership between the two continents. 

    What are the main topics on the table? Where do Africa and Europe see eye to eye? And where can real progress be made? Listen to Philomena Apiko and find out what we can expect from the long-awaited summit.

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