Trade and Development – Volume 2, Issue 8 (November 2013) The Multiple Dimensions of the Trade and Development Nexus

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    By San Bilal
    The 9th Ministerial conference of the World Trade Organization (WTO) in Bali on 3-6 December 2013 will once more attempt to push the trade and development nexus high on the ... 

    International Trade and Development Nexus
    By Mukhisa Kituyi
    The year 2014 will be significant in a number of respects. It will mark the penultimate year of the United Nations (UN) Millennium Development Goals and possibly the launch of a ...

    A World to Gain: Going Faster and Further in Development
    By Lilianne Ploumen
    This article by the Dutch Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation offers various insights into the merits and limits of international trade and development and the ...

    Supporting Supply Chain Trade
    By Bernard Hoekman
    Supply chain trade has helped many countries expand manufacturing activities, but many others have largely been left out. Redesigning domestic policy formation processes and ... 

    World Trade Organization

    The Impact of Trade Facilitation on Developing Countries
    By Evdokia Moïsé
    Trade facilitation measures currently negotiated in the WTO can bring a welcome boost to the world economy, reducing the costs of trading by 14% to 16% in the case of developing .. 

    WTO Retaliation Rights for Developing Countries
    By Lorand Bartels
    It has been obvious for a long time that small developing countries are unable to force larger trading partners to comply with their World Trade Organization (WTO) obligations. The ... 

    WTO Rules: How Could the G-33 Proposal Affect Food Security?
    By Jonathan Hepburn and Christophe Bellmann
    In November 2012, a group of developing countries tabled an informal proposal at the World Trade Organization (WTO), seeking additional flexibility in the global trade body’s rules ...

    The Right to Trade
    By Emily Jones
    What would it take to revitalise and rebalance the World Trade Organization? This article sets out to and critically appraises recent ambitious and innovative proposals by Joseph Stiglitz and Andrew Charlton ... 

    International Trade Agreements

    Potential Effects of EU-US Economic Integration
    By Jim Rollo et al.
    This paper is based on a report commissioned by the UK Department for International Development (DFID) from the Centre for the Analysis of Regional Integration at Sussex ...

    EPAs: Will Europe and Africa Avoid a Diplomatic Tragedy?
    By San Bilal and Isabelle Ramdoo
    During the last CARICOM Heads of Government meeting held in Trinidad & Tobago last July, President Danilo Medina of the Dominican Republic reiterated the request of his country to ...

    Preserving Policy Space
    By Africa Kiiza
    The role of the state in the economy has always been a controversial issue in public debate. It has become more so with the rise of the neo-liberal paradigm that preaches the virtues ...

    Regional Trade Integration, Social Dimensions, Trade and Development

    Initial Reflections on the ECOWAS Common External Tariff
    By Quentin de Roquefeuil
    West Africa has just put the final touches to its Common External Tariff (CET), set to come into force in January 2015. This should allow it to become a full-fledged Customs Union ...

    The Role of Policy and Regulation in Boosting Intra-Africa Trade
    By Peter Kiuluku and Caiphas Chekwoti
    Regional markets provide a learning-by-doing platform for nascent and less competitive companies. This paper reviews ...

    Economic Integration is for Development in Africa
    By Francis Mangeni
    “I am African” is a slogan the African Union (AU) has adopted to promote ownership of the continental integration programs and institutions among the people, especially children and the ... 

    Trade is a Key Ingredient in Changing Farmers' Lives
    By Stevenson Nzaramba
    Trade has been integral to the strategies for increasing agriculture productivity and also a key pillar in most of the governments’ approach to development as reflected in ...

    Trade, Labour and Socio-Economic Dimensions
    By Marion Jansen
    Increased availability of information and tools on how to seize opportunities while addressing the challenges arising from trade opening make it easier for developing countries to manage ... 

    Supply Chains and the Private Governance of Labour Rights
    By Axel Marx and Jan Wouters 
    Private international labour governance has emerged as an important instrument to govern transnational supply chains. It has made a difference. However, this contribution argues that ...

    Trade-Financing Facilities
    By Ana María Alvarez
    There have been several efforts from the international community to counteract the effects of the global financial crisis; firms operating in developing countries, which rely ... 

    Delivering Sustainable support to Trade Policy Making
    By Nick Charalambides and Armin Lalui
    This note outlines the approach taken by the Long Term Technical Assistance (LTTA) of Trade Mark East Africa (TMEA), implemented by Imani Development, within the ... 

    Establishing a Framework for Trade Policy in South Sudan
    By Constantine Bartel
    Newly independent post-conflict South Sudan still has a long way to go even just to reach the starting line of the liberalisation race. Although it has only just celebrated its second ... 

    The Curious Case of Environmental Standards and its Trade Impact
    By Archana Jatkar
    This article reveals the dichotomy of environmental standards and eco-labels in the global textile market. Whereas on the one hand, the labels provide necessary information and guideline ... 


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