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GREAT insights is ECDPM’s monthly magazine with a focus on issues related to governance, regional integration, economics, agriculture and trade.


With expert analysis and commentary from a wide variety of stakeholders with different perspectives, GREAT insights keeps you up to date on policy debates in Africa and between EU and the developing world on trade, agriculture, governance and economics in a non-partisan way and provides non-technical policy overviews.

Exclusive analysis and overview of Economic Partnership Agreement (EPAs) negotiations are a monthly feature, assessing the dynamics, challenges and progress of the negotiation between Africa and the EU.

GREAT insights provides an overview of EU policy developments affecting the developing world with a comprehensive calendar of events in Brussels and beyond.

With exclusive articles and interviews with high profile leaders and policy makers from across Europe and Africa, GREAT insights is an authoritative and essential read.

Contribute to GREAT insights

We welcome contributions by our readers. If you want to submit a story for this publication, contact our editors San Bilal and Pamela O’Hanlon Díaz.

Article requirements for GREAT insights authors:

  • Word limit: 2 page article – 600-800 / 4 page article – 1600-1800
  • Due date: article should be submitted minimum of 6 weeks before issue publishes
  • Spelling: UK English, e.g. organise instead of organize
  • Article title: should be catchy and not too long
  • Introduction: no longer than 3 lines, giving a good summary of what the article is about
  • Subheadings: avoid the use of standard headings such as conclusion/summary etc.
  • Acronyms: on first instance where it appears in the text, write the name in full before the acronym
  • Images/graphs: should be delivered as .xls file or high-quality jpg (min. 300 dpi) with link to the source
  • Quotes: identify 2-3 good quotes in article for publishing purposes (use track changes and highlight)
  • Footnotes: preferably no use of end/footnotes, or if necessary, maximum of 10 (no footnote references in title or introduction)
  • Links: URLs mentioned in references should be working URLs
  • Author affiliation: give up to date credentials, where there are multiple authors for the same article, please indicate who should be mentioned first, specify first name/middle name/last name and title(s) of the author and website of organisation
  • Disclaimer: please inform if required by organisation (we have examples)
  • Author’s photograph: taken with a neutral background and 300 dpi in resolution

This publication benefits from structural support by ECDPM’s following partners: the Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria and the United Kingdom.

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