Tackling the triggers of violence-induced displacement – The contribution of the African Peace and Security Architecture and African Governance Architecture

With this paper, we try to understand whether and how the interventions by the AU and the Regional Economic Communities (RECs) contribute to addressing the triggers of violence-induced displacement.

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    Displacement induced by violence affects the African continent disproportionately. The African Union (AU) has developed two key continental instruments to potentially address this issue. The first is the African Peace and Security Architecture (APSA), for the prevention and management of conflicts. The second is the African Governance Architecture (AGA), which promotes democratic governance in the continent. The AU makes use of these two instruments to tackle governance, peace and security challenges, which are often at the heart of violence-induced displacement.

    The links between APSA and AGA activities and how these can reduce or alter the triggers of violence-induced displacement have not yet been explored in-depth.

    We clarify the concept of triggers of violence-induced displacement and look at selected case studies. We also share lessons learned on those factors that seem to contribute positively to reducing triggers of violence-
    induced displacement and we offer some suggestions on how the APSA and the AGA could better respond in the future.

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