Preferential Trade Agreements – Volume 2, Issue 4 (June 2012)

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    Preferential Trade Agreements: Adjusting to New Trade Realities?
    By Jean-Pierre Chauffour
    Over the past 10 years, the world has witnessed a renewed dynamism in the negotiation and conclusion of preferential trade agreements (PTAs). This new wave of “21st century regionalism” as Richard Baldwin calls it, is characterized by several features...

    From Cape to Cairo: The Birth of Africa's Largest Free Trade Area
    By Agatha Nderitu
    There is increasing consensus among African policy circles that increased regional trade cooperation through the removal of intra-regional trade restrictions, such as tariffs, quotas and non-tariff barriers, is a critical strategy to address the challenges... 

    Achieving Export Diversification: Lessons from Brazil
    By Xavier Cirera
    Achieving export diversification has been a central objective of development policy for the last 50 years. Yet for most developing countries, the composition of production and exports is highly concentrated in natural resources...

    BRICs' Approaches to Development Financing and Their Implications for LICs
    By Nkunde Mwase and Yongzheng Yang
    The coming unto the scene of development financing by Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRICs) has intensified the debate on aid effectiveness and related policy issues. Indeed, unlike aid from OECD donors, BRIC financing ...

    Civil Society Participation and Global Governance for Development
    By Marco De Ponte
    Sustainable growth and an international development framework - addressing poverty and inequality, building policies and programmes with a human rights based approach - cannot be achieved without people’s engagement.

    Regional Integration for Food Security in East Africa: The Role of CAADP
    By Dolly Afun-Ogidan
    This article is part of a five part series to share findings from a regional Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) mapping exercise undertaken by ECDPM. Each monthly article will highlight lessons learned...


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