Thematic Evaluation of the European Commission Support to respect of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms


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    When the European Commission skilfully leverages its different instruments to push forward a realistic human rights agenda, it has had a positive impact in many countries. But the EC, and the European Union, are hampered by several systemic constraints, particularly the lack of clear strategies and guidelines on how to mainstream human rights in practice in specific countries, which often prevent it from optimally using its potential power and therefore missing many opportunities to build on promising local dynamics to promote human rights. These are the findings from an independent evaluation released this week on the EC’s support to respect of human rights in its external action. ECDPM was part of the consortium that carried out the study. It recommends to upgrade the political status of human rights in EC/EU external action and agree common implementation strategies based on improved political economy analysis and inclusive dialogue as a means to ensure coherent action to support rights based on local needs and realities. 

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