Fostering More and Better Jobs – Volume 3, Issue 2 (February 2014)

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    This issue of GREAT insights brings together a range of views and expertise to highlight the various dimensions of the challenges of creating more and better jobs. These cover diagnostic considerations as well as analyses of various forms of interventions and policies to address the employment question, as well as their assessment. 

    By San Bilal and Bruce Byiers
    Unemployment is a global challenge, affecting both rich and developing countries, currently at a world average of 6%. But it particularly affects young people, with youth unemployment at 13.1%, almost three times the adult rate of 4.6%, according ...


    Creating More and Better Jobs: The Defining Issue of Our Time
    By Roland Michelitsch
    Hundreds of millions of people do not have jobs today and several hundred millions more will seek jobs by 2020. Most of these unemployed are under the age of 25 and live in ...

    Africa's Youth Goldmine: AfDB's Response to Youth Employment Crisis in Africa
    By Agnes Soucat and Rosemond Offei-Awuku
    Africa’s continued growth in youth employment is creating concern over the continent's ability to use its young people's potential for its economic transformation. The AfDB is ...

    Jobs: A Tough Time to Be Young in Africa
    By Jan Rieländer and Henri-Bernard Solignac-Lecomte
    Africa’s youth will double from today’s 200 million to 400 million in 2045. Where will they find jobs? Even if we assume that economic growth remains strong, it is not going to do the trick unless it is made both transformative and inclusive ...

    Measuring Decent Work in Development: A Balancing Act
    By Huib Huyse
    With the growing recognition of the importance of decent work in ongoing debates about global development, the need to conceptualise and measure this multi-dimensional concept has never been higher. Different stakeholders are contributing ...

    Inclusive Business: New Business Models, New Opportunities, New Skills
    By Nicolas Chevrollier
    SimGas B.V. is an innovative design and production company focused on delivering affordable small-scale biogas and bio-sanitation systems to customers in (sub)tropical regions ... 

    Africa's Jobs Gap
    By John Page
    After almost two decades of sustained growth, Africa is attracting increasingly lavish praise from aid agencies, investors, and journalists, alike. But there is a worrying shadow among the bright lights. Africa is not creating enough jobs to ...

    ECDPM Talks to EC Employment Experts Rudi Delarue and Nicholas Taylor
    By Rudi Delarue, Nicholas Taylor and Florian Krätke
    Rudi Delarue: The EU promotes decent work for all through all relevant internal and external policies and actions, both in its bilateral relations, such as with partner countries and at ... 

    The Remaining Challenge of Job Creation in South Africa
    By Gabila Nubong
    In spite of significant economic achievements, unemployment, together with poverty and inequality, remain persistent challenges in South Africa ...


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