A New Impetus for Africa-Europe Relations – Volume 2, Issue 6 (September 2013)

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    By San Bilal
    As Africa celebrates the 50th anniversary of the foundation of African unity, it is appropriate to reflect on Africa’s achievements and ways forward. The world is changing, so is Africa ...

    A Common Future for EU-Africa: Towards a Dynamic Partnership
    By José Manuel Barroso
    Africa and Europe are bound by their history, their geography, their interests and even more by a common future ... 

    Pan-Africanism is More Important than Ever
    By Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma
    The continent cannot wait until the African standby force becomes operational in 2015 to be able to resolve conflicts like Mali, says the AU Commission chair. Inequality - at the root of these crises – must also be addressed ...

    The Current Geopolitical Dynamics in Africa and the Role of Partners like the EU
    By Joaquim Chissano
    The interests of the developed countries and those of the developing countries can no longer be isolated from each other. The political, economic and social well-being of present and ...

    The EU and Africa in the XXIst Century: Time for a New Deal
    By Daniel Bach
    It is not too late for the EU to adjust its policies to a rising African continent. This should involve the definition of a more pragmatic set of priorities, based on the clarification of ...

    Towards a 4G for Africa-Europe Relations
    By Faten Aggad-Clerx and Isabelle Ramdoo
    The relationship between Africa and Europe is as old as history. There are three generations of relationship, which evolved as the economic and political realities on both continents, ...

    How Can African Countries Capitalise on the Current Geopolitical Changes?
    By Carlos Lopes
    In the new landscape of multipolar partnerships, Africa needs a coherent strategy so that its development is not compromised by competition amongst potential partners ...

    Integrating Mauritius in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Private Sector Perspective
    By Raj Makoond
    In Mauritius, over the last 5 years, policymakers and the corporate sector felt that an ‘Africa agenda’ had to be built and pursued. Consequently, an Africa agenda is under ...

    The Role of the AU and Africa-EU Partnership in Dealing with the Peace and Security Situation in Africa
    By Mary Chinery-Hesse
    Effective as the European Union / African Union Partnership has proven, time has come to modify the current top-down ...

    Peace and Security: The Head and Shoulders of EU-Africa
    By José Costa Pereira
    Peace and security is a key area of the relationship between Africa and the EU. Progress so far in defining an African-owned P&S architecture deserves to be highlighted though ...

    South Africa-EU Strategic Partnership in the Context of a Changing North-South Power Dynamics
    By Siphamandla Zondi
    Shifts in global power have led to shift in the meaning of the EU-South Africa partnership, complicating South Africa principle of balancing its dialogue with the north and its growing ...

    Joint Africa-EU Strategy: Two Continents, One Civil Society Movement
    By Joseph Chilengi and Gérard Karlshausen
    Representatives of the African and the European CSO steering committees for the Joint Africa-EU Strategy, summarize in this article the way Civil society organizations are trying to ...

    The APRM: Celebrating a Decade of Peer Reviewing and Learning while Institutionalising Democratic Governance in Africa
    By Kojo Busia
    Over the past decade, the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) has strived to prove that monitoring and assessing ...


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