Catching up with Global Europe: 15 questions on the EU’s new financial instrument answered

ECDPM developed a guide providing answers to some key questions you may have on NDICI-Global Europe. In it, we summarise the main aspects of the EU’s approach to development and international cooperation, building on and referring to relevant ECDPM publications and analyses.

This page is also available in French.

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    The European Union (EU) has set itself high ambitions and is changing significantly the way it organises its external cooperation and spending outside of Europe.

    With a new financial instrument for neighbourhood, development and international cooperation (the so-called NDICI-Global Europe instrument), the EU has given itself the means to enhance its external action. It is now in the process of programming and implementing the new instrument, with a clear focus on new strategic priorities and new ways of working. The meaning, scope and implications of such changes are still difficult to grasp – yet, they are far-reaching.

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    Catching up with Global Europe

    This guide was created by Katja Sergejeff, Ennatu DomingoAlexei Jones and Catarina Farinha. For information about this guide please contact Katja Sergejeff at or Alexei Jones at To know more about ECDPM’s work on the multiannual financial framework, contact Alexei Jones at

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