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Glass Half Full: Study on EU Lessons Learnt in Mediation and Dialogue

Study undertaken for the European External Action Service


Sherriff, A., Hauck, V., Rocca, C. 2013. Glass half full: Study on EU lessons learnt in mediation and dialogue. (Study submitted to the European External Action Service by ECDPM through the AETS Consortium – Cardno). Maastricht: ECDPM.

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The European Union has a long history and rich experience as an actor in mediation and dialogue from its recent high-level work regarding Kosovo-Serbia to supporting grassroots work in the Philippines.  However, despite EU experience illustrating a ‘glass half full’, the breath and depth of this engagement in mediation and dialogue is not entirely recognised. This study, conducted by ECDPM for the European External Action Service (EEAS), looks at lessons learnt in EU mediation and dialogue revolving around, understanding context and adapting to it, getting the EU’s own family in order, making the most of partnerships, and moving from ad hoc approaches to international best practice. 

Read the study here: 

Download (PDF, 846KB)

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