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Reinventing Pacific-EU Relations: With or Without the ACP?

Briefing Note 56

October 2013

Laporte, G., Piñol Puig, G. 2013. Reinventing Pacific-EU relations: With or without the ACP? (Briefing Note 56). Maastricht: ECDPM.

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The Pacific Islands are examining their future relationship with the ACP Group and with the European Union (EU) beyond 2020 when the Cotonou Agreement will come to an end. In recent years the region is experiencing unprecedented global attention which has increased its bargaining power. While there are more options on the table, the region still attaches great importance to the ACP Group. But it would like the ACP Group to do less and create more value added in a limited number of areas that are common to all Pacific countries and the other ACP regions. From a Pacific perspective these are: tackling climate change, the sustainable development and management of natural resources and renewable energies.

Based on consultations in the Pacific this paper presents Pacific perceptions on the role of the ACP Group and the EU as well as some first scenarios for Pacific-EU cooperation post 2020. The paper also proposes essential steps for a qualitative reflection process that ultimately should result in the concrete implementation of “feasible” scenarios for the future.

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