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Beyond Development Aid, EU-Africa Political Dialogue on Global Issues of Common Concern


EARN. 2010. Beyond Development Aid, EU-Africa Political Dialogue on Global Issues of Common Concern. Portugal: Europe Africa Policy Research Network. -

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This paper seeks to explore how EU-Africa relations have evolved between the Summits involving the Heads of State and whether they have lived up to the high expectations and commitments included in the Joint Africa-EU Strategy signed in Lisbon in 2007.

As such, the paper builds on and updates work undertaken by Patrícia Magalhães Ferreira in her paper entitled “The Joint Africa-EU Strategy – Assessment and Implementation Challenges” and a paper completed by ECDPM‘s Jean Bossuyt and Andrew Sherriff entitled “What next for the Joint Africa-EU Strategy? Perspectives on revitalising an innovative framework”. It also adds original research related to the political dialogue undertaken in the context of the EU-Africa Troika meetings held before and after the advent of the JAES as well as other recent developments before the 3rd Summit.

The paper is designed both to give a general analysis of what has occurred ‘between the Summits’ and also some perspectives on why certain expectations may not have been met, as well as offering ‘food for thought’ for policy makers in Africa and Europe. The paper does not encompass an ‘Agenda for Action’ or detailed thematic analysis of the issues (Peace and Security, Governance, Trade, Climate Change) at play as these are looked at in a more detailed analysis elsewhere in the EARN Political Dialogue Report.

Beyond Development Aid EU-Africa Political Dialogue on Global Issues of Common Concern:

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