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De-coding public-private partnerships for development

Discussion Paper 161

April 2014

Bilal, S., Große-Puppendahl, S., Rosengren, A., Krätke, F., Nubong, G., Byiers, B. 2014. De-coding public-private partnerships for development. (ECDPM Discussion Paper 161). Maastricht: ECDPM.

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Objectives, interpretations, practices and incentives of public and private partners are often diverse, leading to the question of who leads whom, and how?  Closer convergence of incentives, actions and understanding of possible multi-stakeholder partnerships is necessary to achieve sustainable development. The future of partnerships within the post-2015 development agenda must build on a greater recognition of developing countries own strategies to drive and finance their own structural transformation. Private investments and finance are likely to be the key engine for growth but there needs to be greater focus on sustainable and inclusive outcomes harnessed to the developing countries’ own development agenda.

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