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Various Recipes for Regional Integration

Volume 1, Issue 9 (November 2012)


ECDPM. 2012. GREAT Insights, Volume 1, Issue 9. November 2012. Maastricht: ECDPM.

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By Kathleen van Hove
Regional integration seems to be the name of the game these days. As the dynamics of the multilateral trade scene are fizzling out, regional trade agreements are multiplying at an unprecedented pace. A recognition of the reality that …

EU Support for Regional Integration and Regional Economic Communities in Africa in Light of the Upcoming 11th EDF
Exclusive article by Commissioner Andris Piebalgs
Promoting regional integration has been a long-standing objective of EU development policy and is set to remain so …

Should the IRCC Re-invent Itself?
By Vikramdityasing Bissoonauthsing and Khutula Sibanda
From its creation in 2001, the core focus of the Inter-Regional Coordinating Committee (IRCC) has been to support, facilitate and coordinate the access to European Union (EU) funding …

US Engagement with Regional Organizations
By Stephen Kingah
This issue of GREAT Insights will hit the road as United States (US) citizens welcome either incumbent President Barack Obama or Governor Mitt Romney as president …

A New Impetus for Regional Economic Integration?
By Kathleen van Hove
In this issue of GREAT Insights, Frederik Söderbaum points to rhetorical and symbolic regionalism that characterise regional integration in Africa. While officially the stated integration …

Regional Integration in Africa – Looking East for Inspiration
By Amanda Sunassee Lam
Regional Integration has gone from being a second best policy, shunned upon by mainstream economics, to a policy, which now features as an integral part of most developing country …

Reconciling Two Paradigms in African Economic Integration
By Helmut Asche
Although the situation is gradually improving, Africa still displays the lowest level of intra-regional trade integration in the world (along with Central Asia), and is plagued by a well-known …

Whose Regionalism in Africa?
By Fredrik Söderbaum
The majority of academics and policy analysts are overly idealistic about the potential of state-led regional cooperation. This line of thought is particularly strong in the debate about African regional organizations. Indeed, African regionalism …

Doing Business in SADC still not for the Faint of Heart
By Talitha Bertelsmann-Scott
The recent Southern African Development Community (SADC) Summit, which took place in Mozambique on 17 & 18 August 2012, approved the Regional Infrastructure Development Mater Plan (RIDMP). The plan aims to deal with the region’s deficit …

Obstacles to Sustainable Regional Integration in West Africa
By Matthias Vogl and Wautabouna Ouattara
Over the last two years, the regional integration agenda in West Africa, or more precisely, the agenda of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has been …

Natural Resources: A Key Challenge in Regional Integration of the Middle East and North Africa Regions
By Céline Carrère, Julien Gourdon and Marcelo Olarreaga
Greater trade integration within Middle East and North Africa region is expected to happen through the completion of the Pan-Arab Free Trade Agreement (PAFTA). However, recent studies suggest …

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