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Calendar and Resources, GREAT Insights, Volume 2, Issue 8 (November 2013)

November 2013

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19-20 December 2013December EAC-EU Ministerial meeting (TBC)ECOWAS-EU Negotiating session (TBC)


Delivering Sustainable Support to Trade Policy Making: A Practitioner’s view in the Case of Rwanda
Nick Charalambides and Armin Lalui. ECDPM Briefing Note 59, November 2013

Trade Finance Opportunities through South-South Cooperation
Ana María Alvarez, ECDPM Discussion Paper 152, October 2013

EU Policy Coherence for Food Security: Aligning Parallel Agendas
Paul Engel, Brecht Lein, Jeske van Seters, Bas van Helden, ECDPM Discussion Paper 153, October 2013

The Future of Pacific-EU Relations: With or Without the ACP?
Geert Laporte, Gemma Piñol Puig, ECDPM Briefing Note 56, October 2013

Tous pour un ou chacun pour soi ? Premières expériences de programmation conjointe de l’UE
Greta Galeazzi, Damien Helly, Florian Krätke, Note d’information ECDPM 50, October 2013

Adolescent girls and gender justice: Country briefings
Nicola Jones (et al.), ODI Research reports and studies, October 2013, London: Overseas Development Institute

Developing Skills for Economic Transformation and Social Harmony in China : A Study of Yunnan Province
Xiaoyan Liang, Shuang Chen, October 2013, Washington: World Bank

EU joint programming: lessons from South Sudan for EU aid coordination 
Mark Furness, Frank Vollmer, DIE Briefing Paper No 18, October 2013, Bonn: German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik

With or without force? European public opinion on democracy promotion
Jörg Faust, Melody Garcia, DIE Discussion Paper No 10, October 2013Bonn: German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik

Terms of trade in agricultural trade
Xolisiwe Yolanda Potelwa, Tshimangadzo Mugobi, Ron Sandrey, tralac Trade Brief D13TB03, October 2013, Stellenbosch: Tralac

The COMESA Court of Justice: Regional agreements do protect private parties
Gerhard Erasmus, tralac Trade Brief S13TB09, October 2013, Stellenbosch: Tralac

The Big Split: Why Did Output Trajectories in the ASEAN-4 Diverge after the Global Financial Crisis? 
Agnes Isnawangsih, Vladimir Klyuev, Longmei Zhang, IMF Working Paper WP/13/222, October 2013, Washington: International Monetary Fund

Taxation and Corporate Debt: Are Banks any Different? 
Jost Heckemeyer, Ruud de Mooi, IMF Working Paper, WP/13/221, October 2013, Washington: International Monetary Fund

The State of Kenya’s Private Sector: Recommendations for Government, Development Partners and the Private Sector
African Development Bank, Government of Kenya, October 2013, Tunis: African Development Bank Group

Russia–South Africa Relations: Beyond Revival
Alexandra Arkhangelskaya, Vladimir Shubin, SAIIA Policy Briefing No 75, October 2013, Johannesburg: South African Institute for International Affairs

What Shoprite and Woolworths can tell us about Non-tariff Barriers
Nick Charalambides, SAIIA Occasional Paper No 148, October 2013, Johannesburg: South African Institute for International Affairs

Held to Account: Putting democratic governance at the heart of development finance
Cecile Untemaehrer, Oxfam Briefing Paper No 31, October 2013, London: Oxfam International

Trade in Sustainable Energy Services
Joachim Monkelbaan, ICTSD, October 2013, Geneva: International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development