Making policies work


To deliver on our strategy for 2022-2026, we have organised our work in three clusters: (A) Europe and Africa in the world, (B) peaceful societies and accountable governance, and (C) sustainable African economies and climate action. Within each cluster, we focus our work through workstreams – ten in total.

Cluster A: Europe and Africa in the world

ECDPM aims to support European countries and the EU to become more effective and responsible global actors for sustainable development. We facilitate strong and mutually beneficial international cooperation and partnerships, particularly between Europe and Africa.


Cluster B: Peaceful societies and accountable governance

ECDPM aims to contribute to the peaceful resolution of conflict, human security and increased resilience of communities affected by protracted conflict. We support processes leading to open, equitable and accountable political spaces and democratic governance systems as ‘enablers’ of sustainable development in Africa and in Europe.


Cluster C: Sustainable African economies and climate action

Premised on the sustainable use of natural resources and economic development within our planetary boundaries, ECDPM aims to contribute to the formulation and implementation of coherent European external economic policies; to prosperous, inclusive and resilient economies in Africa; and to ambitious and fair responses to the global climate and other environmental crises.