What can we expect from and for women in the upcoming European elections?

How will the votes of women decide the next EU parliament?

2024 is a key year of elections. From June 6, around 400 million people will be eligible to choose new representatives in the European Parliament. But with polls predicting gains by right-wing parliamentary groups and with a global backsliding on gender equality, how can the vote of women impact the results of the European elections? What impact can we expect from a more right-leaning European Parliament and European Commission leadership on women’s rights and gender equality? What are some of the risks and opportunities in terms of women's political participation in the next European political cycle?

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    To start the second season of ECDPM’s podcast series 'Minding the gap: conversations on gender', Pauline Veron and Angela Lowe, senior advisor at Women Political Leaders, discuss the interactions between gender and european politics, the threats to women's democratic autonomy and the opportunities to turn things around for gender equality.


    00:00 - Women's Participation in European Elections

    10:45 - Gender equality under threat in Europe

    14:00 - What are your hopes for women's political participation?

    About the podcast series


    'Minding the gap: conversations on gender' is ECDPM's podcast series entirely devoted to shedding light on topics in which gender is often overlooked, but where promising lessons are emerging. 

    Who is a gender expert? Why is it important to engage men and boys in fighting for gender equality? How are women empowerment, climate action, and urban development interlinked?

    Throughout the episodes, you will hear from researchers, activists and experts working in Europe, Africa and the MENA region to gain insights into what we can collectively do to build a society based on gender equality.


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