The EIB's innovative role in ACP countries under the Cotonou Agreement: Options beyond 2020

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    The European Investment Bank (EIB) operations in Africa, the Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) take place under the ACP-EU partnership agreement, the Cotonou Partnership Agreement (CPA). The EIB’s activities in the ACP are aimed at contributing to the objectives of the Cotonou Partnership Agreement, supporting projects that yield sustainable social, economic and environmental benefits. Under the CPA, the EIB administers the operations made under the ACP Investment Facility (IF), focused on private sector, as well as the loans made under its own resources, mainly infrastructure projects, guaranteed by EU Member States. The purpose of the study is to identify what aspects of the CPA have been critical for EIB operations in ACP countries. Over the last months, these questions have served to guide numerous bilateral interviews with officials from the EIB (headquarters and in the field), the EU and Member States, the ACP Group, African government and regional officials, state/parastatal companies, private sector actors, and civil society organisations.
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