In search of common ground on climate diplomacy - Part l

In recent years, policymakers in Europe and Africa have been giving more attention to the climate crisis. However, addressing it can not be an isolated action. Its impact on all aspects of human life means countries cannot take action alone, having instead to prioritise coordination with other countries and regions. This 2-part podcast series zooms in on EU-Africa climate diplomacy and how the EU and Africa can overcome diplomatic tensions in the realm of climate and energy.

This limited series is part of the Africa-EU cooperation on climate and green transition project.

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    In the first part of this series, Bruce Byiers talks to Pascal Lamy - coordinator of the Jacques Delors Think Tanks (Paris, Berlin, Brussels), former DG of the WTO, and former Trade Commissioner (European Commission) - and Geneviève Pons - Director General of Europe Jacques Delors and former director of WWF's European office.

    Bruce sat down with Mr. Lamy and Ms. Pons to discuss efforts to bridge the gap between European and African climate positions, particularly the Europe Jacques Delors' proposal to link thinking and discussions around Africa-Europe relations on trade, climate and development. As they underline, there are fora for discussing trade and development or trade and the environment but there is no clear forum for discussing the three together.

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    The views expressed in the podcast are those of the author and the guests and not necessarily those of ECDPM.


    Listen to part II of this series, wherein Hanne Knaepen sits down with Tracy Kajumba to discuss the status of Africa-Europe climate diplomatic relations, how to overcome climate adaptation financing issues and whether the principle of climate justice is fading away from the spotlight.

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    In this commentary, Bruce Byiers - the host of this conversation - builds on the arguments made by Pascal Lamy and Geneviève Pons to argue that linking discussions around Africa-Europe relations on trade, climate and development looks increasingly important for maintaining constructive diplomatic relations between the two continents.

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