Private Sector for Development – Volume 1, Issue 8 (October 2012)

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    By San Bilal
    Private sector activity matters for growth as well as its quality, sustainability and inclusiveness. This is no news; but it is at last widely recognized by the international development community, as reflected in the Busan partnership, G20 statements or...

    Private Sector for Development: Distinguishing the Trees from the Forest
    By Bruce Byiers
    Engaging the private sector for development is a hot topic in donor headquarters. But how to go about this in practice needs us to be clearer about our objectives. This article suggests...

    Joint Action to Leverage Impact in Private Sector Development
    By Tamsyn Barton
    Serving a diverse group of private sector clients requires tailor-made approaches, integrating mutual reliance and the use of innovative financial instruments to leverage impact...

    Engaging the Private Sector for Development: What Role for the EU Regional Blending Facilities?
    By Klaus Rudischhauser
    In view of massive developmental challenges it is important to make the most effective use of EU development grants. In the last years the EU Regional Blending Facilities have...

    Open Source Development: Unlocking Innovation through Transatlantic Partnership
    By Sarah Gonzales
    An agronomist funded by USAID may have kick-started the Green Revolution, but today’s development revolutions in mobile banking, off-grid renewable energy and social media are hybrids born of public and private...

    Let the Private Sector be a Catalyst for Sustainable Development
    By Imoni Akpofure
    It may come as news to some, but multilateral and bilateral development banks have increased their financing of the private sector fourfold over the last decade, boosting their annual combined investment...

    Engaging Local Business Organizations as a Powerful Tool for Successful Public-Private Dialogue
    By Jakob Øster and Paida Nyamakanga
    The creation of enabling environments for the private sector is perhaps the most important factor towards the ensuring of inclusive and sustainable economic growth in developing...

    Is the Private Sector the Solution to the Overseas Aid Crisis?
    By José María Vera
    For the first time in 15 years, the net volume of international development aid as a percentage of global GDP has dropped. In this context of economic and financial crisis...

    Green Growth: The Role of the Private Sector
    By Alberto Lemma
    The question that traditional, public policy focussed development practitioners used to ask was “does the private sector matter for development”? Looking at the data, the answer is an overwhelming yes. Just by looking at small-and-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) we can see...

    Cooperatives and Fair Trade: A Common People-Centred Private Sector in/for Development
    By Cooperatives Europe and the Fair Trade Advocacy Office
    This short article provides a brief introduction to Fair Trade and cooperative enterprises, their common and shared principles, and how these set them apart from other...


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