Private Investment and Regional Approach to Nutrition Security


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    Objectives of the Informal Policy Dialogue

    • To launch a dialogue among actors from the private sector, African governments, civil society organisations, the donor community, and the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) process around what works and what does not in current market-based partnerships for nutrition security, and the potential benefits of a regional approach in Africa;
    • Build trust and understanding around the potential role of each actor to effectively support market-based partnerships and a regional approach to nutrition, with the potential for establishing a regular dialogue platform to promote an enabling environment;
    • Identify the main challenges to stimulating private sector participation and market-based models for nutrition and to building trust among development partners;
    • Discuss the potential benefits of a regional approach to food and nutrition security;
    • Identify specific bottlenecks in Africa for an enabling environment for a regional approach to nutrition security and stimulating private sector involvement;
    • Discuss policy implications for Regional Economic Communities (RECs) in Africa, development partners and private sector to scale up nutrition through existing policy frameworks such as CAADP and facilitate a supportive enabling environment at a regional level.

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