Non-state actors in Guinea: Bridges between a national dialogue process and a thematic platform

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    This new series of briefs is designed to facilitate an exchange of information on the role played by non-state actors (NSAs) in implementing the Cotonou Partnership Agreement between the ACP and the EC. Their aim is to cite examples of innovative practices and to demonstrate the challenges facing NSAs as development partners in different countries. 

    Guinea was one the first sub-Saharan nation to be granted its independence (in 1958). Following its refusal to remain part of the French Community in Africa, Guinea spent 26 years under an authoritarian, centralising regime, which left the country in a state of political isolation and economic dilapidation that belied its potential wealth. Just a step forward was taken in 1984 when the new government pledged to establish a state of law and a liberal society based on a free market economy. However, poverty remains vivid in Guinea. 

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