New Diplomacy and Development – Volume 3, Issue 3 (March 2014)

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    By San Bilal 
    Contrary to its traditional image, international diplomacy is a dynamic field. The question, however, is whether diplomacy can adapt fast enough to fellow, let alone anticipate, the rapidly ...


    Ghana's Challenges in a New Diplomatic Environment 
    By Nana Kumi 
    Modern developments, including powerful global media, have variously transformed the conduct of diplomacy and forced diplomatic practitioners to measure up and deliver in the ... 

    New Diplomacy: Showing the Way in a Complex World? 
    By Paul Engel 
    Innovation in diplomacy is urgent as well as messy. It is urgent because for a country or region to position itself successfully within the rapidly changing global power balance traditional ... 

    Post-2015: New Diplomacy, Ambition and Compromise 
    By Gaspar Frontini and Helge Arends 
    The international diplomatic landscape has undergone a fundamental transformation over the past decades. New economic powers are influencing the global course to ... 

    Economic Diplomacy and South-South Trade: A New Issue in Development 
    By Peter van Bergeijk 
    Economic diplomacy is being rediscovered as a government activity that may help to boost trade and investment. But can it play a role in the foreign trade and investment activities of ... 

    How African Countries Need to Get on with the Business of Diplomacy 
    By Huub Ruël 
    African countries are an attractive business destination for business and governments from developed and recently emerged countries. This is a result of Africa's recent ... 

    Beyond Development Diplomacy: Ministerial Diversity and International Cooperation 
    By Erik Lundsgaarde 
    Although specialised ministries have not displaced foreign affairs and development ministries, their rising prominence highlights shifts in the rationale and organisation of ... 

    Linking TICAD with the EU-Africa Summit to Make Africa a Continent of Real Success 
    By Aiichiro Yamamoto 
    Development partners such as Europe and Japan should focus more on the human and community potential of Africa, not just mineral resources ... 

    The Catalytic Role of the EU on Private Sector Investments: The Case of Climate Financing 
    By Hanne Knaepen
    If the EU wants to be a leader in this multi-polar world, it should increasingly incorporate climate change into its development work. Pursuing this new strategic interest and financing it ... 

    Culture and Diplomacy: Europe's Enabling Power in an Open World 
    By Damien Helly 
    Cultural relations are not only an asset in the race for soft power competitiveness. In times of crisis in Europe, they also represent a potential to be better exploited internationally ...


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