Monthly Highlights from ECDPM's Talking Points Blog (Volume 1, Issue 3 - May 2012)

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    European Report on Development 2012: the EU’s role in promoting development-friendly natural resource management. A sneak preview, Talking Points, Niels Keijzer, 20 April 2012 Water, energy and land belong to the most under-pressure resources today. This year’s European Report on Development, to be launched in mid-May 2012, focuses on these 3 key natural resources and analyses how the ways they are managed affect development objectives. The Report examines the constraints on each, the interrelationships between them and considers how water, energy and land can be managed together to promote economic growth in the poorest developing countries – growth that is both socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable. While the Report’s layout and formal launch are being prepared, this blog post (...) This article was published in GREAT Insights Volume 1, Issue 3 (May 2012)
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