Comparative analysis of EU donor policies towards working with Civil Society Organisations: Document analysis commissioned by DSO/MO

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    This report presents a comparative analysis of the policies towards working with Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) of the following five EU donors: Belgium, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden, as well as the European Commission. The report compares EU donor policies on cooperating with CSOs in relation to the following characteristics: (a) the absolute and relative size of financial support provided to CSOs within the respective ODA budgets; (b) the method of selection of CSOs eligible for support; (c) the approaches to financing; (d) the emphasis given to alignment and complementarity with bilateral and/or European policies; (e) the degree of ‘change orientation’ of the policies; and (f) additional issues that emerged from the material. 

    The apparent growing interest among EU donors in comparing policies on funding CSOs can be seen as an expression of the ongoing discussion about the changing role of Northern CSOs.

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