Calendar and Resources (Volume 1, Issue 3 - May 2012)

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    1-2 Pacific ACP Trade Officials Meeting, 
    Tongatapu, Tonga

    2 Meeting on Intensifying progress towards EPAs through Smart Partnership Dialogue, Brussels, Belgium (agenda)

    2-3 Meeting (ACP Secretariat) on Development Strategy for Services Sector in ACP Countries, Brussels, Belgium

    3-4 Pacific ACP Trade Ministers' Meeting, Tongatapu, Tonga

    4 62nd meeting of the ACP-EU Committee of Ambassadors, Brussels, Belgium (agenda)

    8-12 EAC-EU Technical Officials Meeting, Mombasa, Kenya

    9-10 Forum Trade Officials Meeting (FTOM), Majuro, Marshall Islands

    11 Forum Trade Ministers' Meeting (FTMM), Majuro, Marshall Islands

    23 Meeting of the Delegation to the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly, prior to the 23rd session of the ACP-EU JPA, Strasbourg

    24-26 Joint SADC-EC technical negotiating session on EPA (venue TBC)

    28-30 23rd Session of the ACP-EU JPA, Horsens, Denmark (agenda)

    28-30 Joint SADC-EC Senior Officials meeting on EPA (venue TBC)

    TBC Meeting between EC and Central African officials on commissioned studies with regards to EPA accompanying measures, Brussels, Belgium

    TBC Third Meeting of the COMESA-EAC-SADC Tripartite Trade Negotiating Forum (TTNF)


    11-13 95th Session of the ACP Council of Ministers, Port Vila, Vanuatu

    14-15 37th Session of the ACP-EU Council of Ministers, Port Vila, Vanuatu

    TBC Joint EAC-EU technical and Senior Officials Meetings (venue TBC)


    27 Pacific ACP Officials Meeting, Suva, Fiji

    TBC 2nd CARIFORUM-EU Business Forum, with the theme “Making the CARIFORUM-EU Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) Work”, United Kingdom


    ACP-EU cooperation on readmission: Where does it stand and where to go? 
    Henrike Klavert, Jeske Van Seters, ECDPM Briefing Note 33, April 2012 

    Reprogramming EU development cooperation for 2014-2010 – Key moments for partner countries, EU Delegations, Member States and headquarters in 2012
    Niels Keijzer, Simone Görtz, ECDPM Discussion Paper 129, April 2012

    Getting ready for take off: Lessons for regional CAADP
    Dolly Afun-Ogidan, Francesco Rampa, Jeske van Seters, ECDPM Briefing Note 38, April 2012 

    Member States’ position on the proposed 2014-2020 EU Budget _ An analysis of the statements made at the 26th of March General Affairs Council meeting with particular reference to External Action and the EDF
    Ulrika Kilnes, Andrew Sheriff, ECDPM Briefing Note 37, April 2012

    Coming clean on Publish What You Buy
    Charles Kenny, Centre for Global Development, April 2012

    Removing Barriers to Trade between Ghana and Nigeria: Strengthening Regional Integration by Implementing ECOWAS Commitments
    Mombert Hoppe, Francis Aidoo, The World Bank Policy Note No. 30

    Capacity, complexity and consulting: lessons form managing capacity development projects
    Ajoy Datta, Louise Shaxson, Arnaldo Pellini, ODI Working Paper 344, March 2012

    The Global Financial Crisis: The Beginning of the End of the “Development” Agenda
    Nancy Birdsall, CDG Policy Paper 033

    Shifting Patterns of Economic Growth and Rethinking Development
    Justin Yifu Lin, David Rosenblatt, The World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 6040, April 2012

    Human Rights Based Approaches to Development: Concepts, Evidence, and Policy
    Varun Gauri, Siri Gloppen, The World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 5938

    ‘Leveraging’ private sector finance: How does it work and what are the risks? 
    Carlos Villota, The Bretton Woods Project, Eurodad, April 2012

    The Export Performance of Countries within Global Value Chains (GVCs)
    Andrea Beltramello, Koen De Backer, Laurent Moussiegt, OECD Science, Technology and Industry Working Paper 2012/2, April 2012

    Are Foreign Aid and Remittance Inflows a Hedge against Food Price Shocks? 
    Jean-Louis Combes, Christian Ebeke, Mireille Ntsama Etoundi, Thierry Yogo, IMF Working Paper No. 12/67, March 2012

    Into Africa: Institutional investor intentions to 2016, Invest Ad, Economist Intelligence Unit, April 2012

    Agriculture, Roads, and Economic Development in Uganda
    Douglas Gollin, Rochard Rogerson, NBER Working Paper No. 15863, April 2010

    How Regional and Global Development Banks responded to the Financial Crisis?
    Stephen Kingah, Aliya Salimzhuarova, UNU-CRIS Working Papers W-2012/5

    The Politics of Resources Extraction: Indigenous Peoples, Multinational Corporations, and the State
    Terence Gomez, Suzana Sawyer, April 2012, UN Research Institute for Social Development, Palgrave, UK, 

    Aid for Trade: A Failing Grade in LDCs? 
    UNCTAD Policy Brief 2, April 2012

    On the use of results chains in natural resource governance: Basic concepts and exemplary applications to the extractive industries
    Dr. James G. Bennett, Jana Leutner, Michael Rösch, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), April 2012

    Beyond the BRICs: Alternative Strategies of Influence in the Global Politics of Development
    Matthias vom Hau, James Scott, David Hulme, The European Journal of Development Research, Vol 24(2) Palgrave Journals, April 2012 

    This article was published in GREAT Insights Volume 1, Issue 3 (May 2012)

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