Making Waves: Implications of the irregular migration and refugee situation on Official Development Assistance spending and practices in Europe

A study of the impact of irregular migration on ODA in Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and EU institutions.

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    Increasingly high numbers of refugees and migrants have come to Europe over the past five years seeking protection. Beyond hosting and providing assistance to new arrivals, the European Union and its member states have used various political, development and humanitarian assistance tools in order to address the current displacement and migration challenges abroad. In all countries, this has profoundly impacted the use of official development assistance (ODA) with short- and longer-term implications for migration governance and for development cooperation.

    Based on the most recent developments in Europe, ECDPM’s Anna Knoll and Andrew Sherriff have written a report commissioned by the Swedish Expert Group for Aid Studies, EBA highlighting a number of key issues concerning how the irregular migration and refugee situation have impacted the volumes and orientation of ODA. The report is based on five case studies (the European Commission, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden).

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