Leaving no one behind: Why gender matters when building circular economies

The circular economy movement aims to create a restorative and sustainable economic system, but can it promote social justice as well?

Women play pivotal roles in the transition to a circular economy, engaging in a variety of activities that drive sustainable practices and resource efficiency. However, significant challenges remain in ensuring that this transition is just and inclusive from a gender perspective. Despite the potential for a circular economy to provide equitable opportunities, current strategies and policies often overlook critical gender dimensions.

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    In the latest episode of ‘Minding the Gap: Conversations on Gender,’ we delve into the potential for gender justice in transitioning to a circular economy. Joining Nadia Ashraf is Katharina Gihring of the African Circular Economy Network to explore the roles women are already playing in the circular economy and what needs to be done to ensure a fair transition for all genders.


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    00:00 - Circular economies and the work of ACEN
    06:45 - Gender just circular economies
    13:05 - How do we ensure equal opportunities?

    About the podcast series


    'Minding the gap: conversations on gender' is ECDPM's podcast series entirely devoted to shedding light on topics in which gender is often overlooked, but where promising lessons are emerging. 

    Who is a gender expert? Why is it important to engage men and boys in fighting for gender equality? How are women empowerment, climate action, and urban development interlinked?

    Throughout the episodes, you will hear from researchers, activists and experts working in Europe, Africa and the MENA region to gain insights into what we can collectively do to build a society based on gender equality.

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