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    'InfoCotonou' highlights key debates, activities and events related to the implementation of the Cotonou Partnership Agreement, an agreement between the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries on the one hand, and the European Union (EU) on the other. ACP-EU actors are encouraged to share their opinions, reports and other resources on ACP-EU cooperation. The ECDPM is a non-partisan organisation that seeks to facilitate international cooperation between the ACP and the EU. Information may be reproduced as long as the source is quoted.

    Number 1: Making the African Union work

    Number 2: Building capacity: How can it be done?

    Number 3: Do procedures hamper policy ambitions?

    Number 4: Who does what in development cooperation?

    Number 5: Building social capital

    Number 6: Rethinking the added value of European NGOs

    Number 7: The review of the Cotonou Partnership Agreement. What's at stake?

    Number 8: Towards a common European development policy statement?

    Number 9: Knowledge: A global public good?

    Number 10: The challenge of remaining engaged with 'difficult partnerships'

    Number 11: Good governance: A core priority in the new EU programming process

    Number 12: Doha suspended: What's at stake for the ACP countries?


    The ECDPM acknowledges the support it receives for 'InfoCotonou' from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs in Sweden, Finland and the Netherlands, the Directorate-General for Development Cooperation in Belgium, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and the Instituto Português de Apoio ao Desenvolvimento in Portugal.

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