Global Changes, Emerging Players and Evolving ACP-EU Relations: Towards a common agenda for action?

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    The European Centre for Development Policy Management is delighted to present this publication on the occasion of its 25th anniversary. In 1986 ECDPM was established in Maastricht by the Dutch government and ACP representatives. Today ECDPM has become a well-known and respected independent foundation that is deeply rooted in Europe, the ACP and other parts of the world. Already in the mid 1990s ECDPM had built a tradition of organising multi-stakeholder dialogue and analysis on new directions of ACP-EC relations post Lome IV. In 2006-2007, after one third of its projected life span, the Centre was the first to produce an in-depth analysis of the Cotonou Agreement. Today ECDPM continues its tradition of stimulating independent debate on different aspects of ACP-EU relations in a context of increasing globalisation.

    It is against this background that ECDPM convened a high-level seminar in Maastricht entitled Global changes, emerging players and evolving ACP-EU relations: towards a common agenda for action? on 30 June and 1 July 2011. The event aimed to produce specific insights into the future of ACP-EU relations and assess possible scenarios for ACP-EU relations beyond 2020. About 70 participants from different institutions and interest groups from the European Union and Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific, as well as from emerging economies, attended the seminar.

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