Financing Infrastructure –  Volume 2, Issue 4 (May-June 2013)

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    By San Bilal
    Infrastructure is key for development. Yet, most developing countries face a chronic deficit of infrastructure facilities (in transport, energy, water, etc.). One billion people in developing countries have no access to all-weather roads, including ...

    Financing Infrastructure through Innovative Strategies in Africa
    By Mark Pearson
    If Africa is to effectively participate in the global trading environment and reach its true economic potential it will require a level of investment in infrastructure that goes well beyond ...

    Development Finance Institutions and Infrastructure: Findings from a Systematic Review of Evidence for Development Additionality
    By Lily Ryan-Collins and Stephen Spratt
    By leveraging private investment, Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) aim to reduce the infrastructure financing gap in the developing world. This article summarises the findings ...

    CAF Development Bank of Latin America's Approach for Infrastructure Financing
    By Germán Ríos
    CAF’s approach to infrastructure is integral. In every stage of a project the economic, social and institutional issues are taken into account. Financial and environmental sustainability issues must be considered during the evaluation process ... 

    Unlocking Infrastructure Development in Africa through Infrastructure Bonds
    By Cedric Achille Mbeng Mezui
    This article focuses on international experiences gained in financing infrastructure through local currency revenue bonds and the applicability of such methods to Africa ...

    Support to Enhance Private Investment for Developing Country Infrastructure
    By Kaori Miyamoto
    Private investment is critical in financing the significant infrastructure needs of developing countries. This requires a sound financial sector, enabling environment, and risk ...

    ADB Assistance for Public-Private Partnership in Infrastructure Development (1998-2010): Charting a Way Forward
    By Aura Abon and Anand Chiplunkar
    The Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) long-term strategic framework, 2008–2020 (Strategy 2020), emphasizes public–private partnerships (PPPs) and private sector engagement ...

    Closing the Infrastructure Gap: A Three-pronged Approach
    By Andrea Engel and Lorenzo Nelli Feroci
    Even as crews put the finishing touches on newly built roads, ports, and power stations across Africa, the continent’s people and its growing economies are demanding more. Africa’s recent rise is highlighting -- even deepening -- long-standing structural problems, with infrastructure growth failing to keep pace ...


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