Emerging Economies and Africa – Volume 3, Issue 4 (April 2014)

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    By San Bilal
    Emerging economies have been playing an increasing role in the global arena, and have thus justifiably attracted an increasing level of attention. This is also the case for their role in Africa ...

    Development cooperation models

    China-Africa win-win strategy for job creation and transformation
    By Justin Yifu Lin and Yan Wang 
    Africa is a continent with huge potentials to grow at 8% or more in the next decade, but it is not creating enough jobs for its young workforce. A win-win strategy for job creation ...

    Can India's duty-free scheme foster trade and development in African LDCs?
    By Vinaye Ancharaz, Paolo Ghisu, and Jessica Wan
    At the 2005 World Trade Organization (WTO) Ministerial Conference, Members agreed that: “Developed-country Members shall, and developing-country Members declaring themselves in a position to do so should, provide duty-free and quota-free market access on a lasting basis, for all products originating from all LDCs by 2008…”.

    China-Africa: An evolving relationship but invariable principles
    By Qi Zheng
    The last decade has witnessed China upscaling its engagement with the African continent through deepening bilateral cooperation, promoting private sector investment, and diversifying partnerships ...

    Indonesia as an emerging power
    By Awidya Santikajaya
    While it possesses significant material hard powers as other emerging powers do, Indonesia has some characteristics which made it distinct from the rest of them ...

    Can Turkey's mercy help Africa?
    By Mehmet Özkan
    Africa features prominently and represents a novel dimension of Turkish foreign policy. Ankara’s involvement in the continent has more dimensions than those related to economic relations and humanitarian aid. 

    African partnership models

    East Asian lessons for Ethiopia's Hailemariam and Kenya's Kenyatta
    By Elsje Fourie
    The new leaders of Ethiopia and Kenya must decide whether to continue their predecessors’ projects of emulating East Asian developmental states, warts and all.

    Rising Donors - Can China and Brazil help Ethiopia achieve its development ambitions? 
    By Dawit Alemu
    The rising powers are growing sources of development finance for developing countries. The Ethiopian state has been actively engaging with Brazil and China ...

    International development cooperation

    Interview with Pádraig Carmody, Trinity College Dublin, on the BRICS and the global balance of power

    Emerging economies as global development partners
    By Ursula Müller
    Taking the long-term view and investing in development..

    How do European donors engage with emerging development partners?
    By Anna Rosengren, Quentin de Roquefeuil and San Bilal
    How do Western development partners interact and engage with “emerging donors” on development issues?

    Mapping and comparing China’s imports from Africa
    By Sanne van der Lugt

    China’s rapidly growing economic presence in Africa is often followed with suspicion. A clearly visual presentation of the trade flows to China could improve statements about China’s imports from Africa. 

    South Africa - Competing with the other BRICs in Africa
    By Folashadé Soule-Kohndou
    China’s rapidly growing economic presence in Africa is often followed with suspicion. A clearly visual presentation of the trade flows to China could improve statements about China’s imports from Africa. 

    Strategy and experience of South Africa in engaging with the BRICs and with other emerging countries
    By Anil Sooklal
    This article will present some of the international organisations and Forums that South Africa is a member of. South Africa’s engagement is motivated by a drive to proactively and concertedly strengthen strategic global partnerships

    Sectoral focus: Agriculture

    Chinese agricultural investments in Zambia
    By Solange Guo Chatelard
    Most analyses of Chinese agricultural engagement in Africa focus either on what China expects to get out of these partnerships or the impacts that Chinese agricultural aid and investment have on host societies and local communities. 

    South-South cooperation in African agriculture: China, Brazil and international agribusiness
    By Kojo Amanor
    South-South cooperation is significant in the context of agricultural development in Africa since economic restructuring has done little to foster agricultural development in Africa.

    China, Europe and agricultural investments in Africa - The need for dialogue and coordination
    By Anna Rosengren
    China’s and Europe’s intensified investments, trade, and financial and technical support in the African agricultural sector have the potential to substantially impact African agricultural growth and development prospects. 


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