Comparing EU free trade agreements: Services

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    The aim of this InBrief series is to provide a synthesis of various chapters of the ten free trade agreements (FTAs) recently concluded by the European Union with developing countries, as well as other relevant trade agreements when appropriate. Each InBrief offers a detailed and schematic overview of a specific set of trade and trade-related provisions in these agreements. 

    Services such as financial services, tourism, communication (including telecommunications, audiovisual services and postal services), transport, computer software, electronic commerce and environmental services (including energy and sewerage) have become increasingly vital to the development and strength of economies. Having experienced growth of over 10% in recent years, trade in services today accounts for over 60% of production and employment around the world. However, this growth has been somewhat disproportionate, with developed countries accounting for over 70% of the global trade in services during the 1990s (NCC; 2001: 7). 

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