Building Capacity to Trade: A Road Map for Development Partners - Insights from Africa and the Caribbean


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    Strengthening the capacities of developing countries in the area of international trade is of crucial importance, both for the countries themselves and for their partners, in view of a number of international trade negotiations, both ongoing and forthcoming. There is the prospect of a new multilateral Trade Round in Doha in November 2001 and negotiations on a new trade regime between the ACP countries and the European Union are planned to start in September 2002. There is a real risk that many ACP countries and regions will come to the negotiating table ill-prepared. Under the new Cotonou Partnership Agreement, a special facility is to be set up to assist ACP countries in this respect. However, the Agreement provides little guidance as to how trade-related capacities can best be developed and strengthened. This paper aims to provide a road map for trade capacity development and the trade policy process, as well as some practical lessons of experience with trade capacity development (TCD). 


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